Operational Flexibility

Fastaff’s one-of-a-kind guaranteed delivery enables operational flexibility and lowers total cost. Here’s how:

Flexible-length Assignments

Unlike the fixed 13-week assignments common to traditional travel agencies, Fastaff’s flexible-length assignments allow hospitals to order quality nurses just for the time needed and cancel at any time, lowering total cost.

Schedule Fastaff nurses for as little as two-weeks or for long-term projects, such as EMR conversions.  Our flexible-length assignment model saves you time and money, while optimizing utilization of nurses who meet your highest quality expectations.   

View our case studies on the benefits of flexible-length assignments.

48-hour Workweeks

Increasing utilization while improving patient experience can be achieved with Fastaff’s 48-hour workweeks. Our nurses provide additional patient care hours for no overtime expenses to the facility, up to 48-hours a week. Our 48-hour workweek model allows for fewer travel nurses, saving additional costs for unnecessary staffing. Accomplish your patient care goals with these benefits of 48-hour workweeks:

  • Curb staff overtime expenses
  • Improve the patient’s experience by receiving care from the same nurse throughout the week
  • Less nurses to interview and onboard
  • Save time with less nurses to credential

View our case studies about clients benefited from 48-hour workweeks.

Option to Cancel with No Penalties

With more than 25 years of experience in delivering quality nurse staffing, we know your needs change. Our unique model allows clients to cancel with a four-shift notice and no penalty fees. Unlike traditional travel agencies where terms may be non-cancellable or require unreasonable fees, we offer the flexibility to scale down nurse capacity for no extra cost. Fastaff offers operational flexibility to accommodate planned and unplanned census changes, including vacation schedules, medical leaves, seasonal variances, etc.

Additional Services

Fastaff also provides operational flexibility during EMR conversion staffing and through Fastaff Approval, our expedited interviewing and hiring process.

Resource Center

Read our latest case studies, infographics and white papers on our successful staffing solutions.

Successful EMR Conversion of ‘Epic’ Proportions

  • University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) needed one dedicated partner to provide multi-specialty nursing coverage during Epic training and implementation
  • UCSF trusted Fastaff to deliver 350 highly specialized nurses
  • Fastaff managed all logistical aspects, including interviewing, hiring, credentialing, travel and housing
  • Fastaff provided on-site management for guaranteed success

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Guaranteed Delivery for EMR Conversion

  • Scheduled five month EMR software upgrade created severe staffing dilemmas
  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery of 90 nurses to provide continuous care during the holiday season and the busy Pro Bowl weekend
  • Fastaff managed client’s budget by strategically scheduling travel to avoid additional costs
  • Applying 48-hour workweeks provided optimal nurse utilization to control overtime costs

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