Case Studies

With over 20 years of experience successfully providing customized staffing solutions for our clients, Fastaff has many stories of success and satisfied clients. Below are just a few of the many positive results our clients have experienced.

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University of California San Francisco

Fastaff Nurses Needed to Complete Project of "Epic" Proportions as UCSF Trains for Electronic Medical Record Conversion.  UCSF was undergoing a major Electronic Medical Record Conversion project. They needed over 350 nurses and a company that could coordinate seamlessly with their internal teams seamlessly throughout the project.  Fastaff's clinical background provided the expertise required to fulfill this project.

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Electronic Medical Records Conversion in Hawaii

The largest private hospital in Honolulu Hawaii with 505 acute-care beds prepared to shift to an EMR system.  They partnered with Fastaff, and immediately Fastaff sent an on-site representative to work with facility administrators, creating a workable strategy for staffing nurses during the EMR training period.  Fastaff travel nurses assisted the remote hospital with 90 nurses working simultaneously to fully staff multiple units.

Download the Honolulu EMR Conversion Case Study

EMR Conversion Staffing: Take it in Stride

Implementation of EMR systems requires significant training of nurse and clinical staff on a broad scale.  A simple solution to meet the obvious challenge is to partner with an interim temporary staffing team.  While a facility's nurses are schooled on new EMR software, flexible computer proficient and high quality nurses are available through temporary staffing to deliver the first rate care. 

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When Hospitals Need NICU and CVOR Nurses, Fastaff Travel Nursing Responds

The largest medical facility in St. Louis county with 1,166 beds needed additional staff when busy season hit.  Fastaff provided 150 nurses to work extended shifts allowing the hospital to cover needed shifts using fewer nurses.  Ten Fastaff nurses can cover the work of 15 from another agency, which lessens scheduling issues and reduces paperwork.  Fastaff carefully screens qualified nurses, selecting only those with the necessary expertise and experience to work in a high-pressure environment like St. John's Mercy. 

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