Travel Nurse Staffing Solutions from Fastaff


Fastaff: our name says it all. We can fill orders in ten days or less, meeting the unique specifications of your facility. We are expert at staffing hard-to-find specialties. For more than two decades, Fastaff Travel Nursing has provided the right nurses at the right time, meeting the needs of our more than 700 hospital clients. Learn More about our Rapid Response® RN Staffing.


When your facility has a need for a large contingent of nurses and faces an urgent and crucial situation, Fastaff has the experience to help you manage your large project effectively. Call Fastaff when issues arise, in scenarios such as the following:

  • EMR conversion (Electronic Medical Records), new computer systems
  • New hospital, floor, or unit
  • Preparation for a hospital opening
  • Merger activity or consolidation
  • Disaster, flood, hurricane, or state of emergency


Achieving optimum nurse staffing levels has a direct impact on a facility’s ability to admit patients and reduce deferrals, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and reduce nurse turnover. Nurse labor also represents one of the facilities’ largest expenses, making its cost-effective management critical to the financial health of any provider.  What is the “Optimum” Nurse Staffing Level?

The Intelligent Mix Nurse Staffing Model created by Fastaff suggests that for most facilities the right target for core staffing levels is approximately 80% and defines the “optimum” staffing level as the right number of nurses, with the right experience, for the length of time you need them and no more.

The Intelligent Mix Nurse Staffing Model strives to achieve this by reducing costly over commitments to traditional travel staff through the use of variable length nurses and filling-in short-term gaps with per diem and float pool staffing. An Intelligent Mix of full-time, traditional travel, variable length and per-diem nurses can deliver near 100% utilization at census peaks at approximately 20% cost savings. Learn more ...