Guaranteed Delivery While Respecting Budget Limitations

August 17, 2017

When hospitals need nurses fast, they trust Fastaff to deliver experienced nurses, often in 10 days or less. More than half of our nurses in our deep database are in a hard-to-fill specialty, including ICU, NICU, PICU, CVICU, CVOR, Cath Lab, ED, OR, PSYC, IR, LDRP, PER, PED, and more. Keeping hospital’s most critical units operating at max capacity is our commitment, including working within a set budget.

With uncertainty in the status of the ACA and both private and commercial reimbursement, most hospitals are watching the budget in preparation for additional cuts. The rise of employer-sponsored health savings accounts transitioned patients into consumers, only utilizing healthcare if necessary and price shopping for any ancillary services.

Hospitals are responding by tightening budgets, paired with the difficultly of forecasting staffing needs for welcomed census spikes. Fastaff’s one-of-a-kind guaranteed delivery promises experienced nurses, ready to hit the ground running, coupled with budget-saving techniques to ensure appropriate coverage without affecting the bottom line.

Flexible-length assignments

Unlike traditional travel nurse agencies, Fastaff offers flexible-length assignments, providing hospitals staffing solutions to meet their unique needs. Whether nurses are needed for as little as two weeks or 20 weeks, Fastaff will deliver nurses specifically to the hospital’s need. If staffing needs change during a contract, hospitals can cancel with a four-shift notice for no penalties. Offering flexible-length assignments provides hospital’s customized staffing solutions.

48-hour workweeks

Fastaff offers 48-hour workweeks for no overtime charges to the facility to optimize nurse utilization. Hospitals can curb core nursing staff overtime expenses by scheduling Fastaff nurses for 48-hour weeks, along with saving any overtime expenses accrued using traditional travel nurses over 40 hours a week.

Housing and Travel  

Our in-house housing and travel team strategically schedules nurses’ travel to avoid higher cost days and negotiates discounted rates for housing accommodations. Utilizing Fastaff nurses for shorter assignments results in shorter housing expenses, rather than the typical fixed 13-week assignments required by traditional travel agencies.

Client Success Story

When staffing 90 nurses for an EMR conversion in Hawaii, Fastaff managed all logistical details, including travel, housing and credentialing; along with securing temporary housing in Hawaii during the busy holiday season and the Pro Bowl weekend. With considerations to the client’s budget, Fastaff strategically scheduled arrival dates and flights to keep the project within the set allocation. Fastaff’s 48-hour workweek model contributed to optimal scheduling, enabling the facility to schedule nurses for extended shifts, while saving money in overtime expenses. Flexible-length assignments also permitted full nurse utilization when needed throughout the five months, based on patient census, saving the hospital money in excess travel and housing costs.

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