Fastaff Delivers 150 Nurses to 10 Facilities in Two Days During EMR Disruption

Guaranteed Delivery and Project Management

Executive Summary

  • An EMR upgrade interruption caused the system to be unavailable for a week, causing a serious staffing backlog when nurses at 10 facilities were forced to rely on paper charting. 
  • 150 nurses, most in hard-tofill specialties were needed urgently in 48 hours.
  • Fastaff activated the unique and proprietary Rapid Response® model and delivered 100% coverage.

When the EMR upgrade at a southwest health system went awry and had to be taken offline for almost a week, it created a risky situation at 10 of the system's facilities. Nurse managers knew that when the EMR came back online, the backlog of data that had been collected through paper charting caused nurses unavoidable time away from the bedside, and caused an urgent need for more experienced nurses to maintain quality patient care. Unable to find another partner that could guarantee delivery in two days, the system administrator turned to Fastaff. 

Fastaff received the request to activate the one-of-a-kind Rapid Response® staffing model on a Thursday afternoon in June for a Saturday 6:00am start date… just two days away. Accepting the challenge, the Fastaff team mobilized immediately. 

By 12:00pm the following day, less than 24 hours after receiving the initial request, nurses began to arrive on site at four different facilities in two states. By 7:15am Saturday morning, orientation was complete at all 10 facilities and nurses deployed to their assigned units to begin caring for patients. Coverage was fulfilled at 100%, including many hard-to-fill specialties: ER, OR, LDRP, NICU, PICU, ED, CVSICU, and psych.  

Fastaff's deep database of high-acuity RN’s is unique in the travel nurse industry, providing critical coverage to facilities resulting in continued admissions and open beds. More than half of the nurses in Fastaff's database are in a hard-to-fill specialty; ensuring facilities can remain fully operational.  
Ultimately, the health system was able to endure the EMR disruption without a single clinical incident affecting patient care by relying on the unique responsiveness of Fastaff Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing deployment.

Unlike other travel nurse staffing companies, Fastaff guarantees delivery in 10 days or less, and has an unchallenged record of achieving 100% fill rate in as little as 24 hours.  From Hurricanes to EMR disruption to census spikes, Fastaff has an established history of successfully managing logistics in large unplanned staffing disruptions, and ensuring uninterrupted quality patient care for clients nationwide.

Facing a 48-hour delivery deadline for an order that would require 150 nurses, only Fastaff had the Rapid Response® experience and database of high-acuity nurses able to guarantee a 100% fill of the urgent needs. When technology becomes a roadblock to quality patient care, trust Fastaff to deliver nurses when you need them most.