Experienced Nurses Delivered Seamlessly to Small Rural Hospital

Guaranteed Delivery

Executive Summary

  • Rural hospital had urgent need for experienced PCU nurses
  • Fastaff delivered experienced nurses, with the first arriving in less than 10 days
  • Established “one-call” relationship with hospital for fulfillment of additional nurse orders

Facility Summary

Sauk Prairie Hospital,
Prairie du Sac, WI

  • 36 Beds, general medical and surgical
  • Small rural hospital
  • 8,187 Emergency Room visits
  • 1,850 Admissions
  • 4,671 Surgeries (inpatient and outpatient)

Small facilities feel the need for experiences nurses just as critically as major academic medical centers. Often, hospitals with smaller bed counts may be overlooked by partners prioritizing relationships with larger metro systems. As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing solutions for more than 25 years, Fastaff values the commitment of small facilities to their communities and their dedication to keeping care local and accessible. Fastaff’s solutions quickly delivers the right nurse at the right time, regardless of facility size, aiming to solve all crucial and urgent staffing dilemmas.

When Sauk Prairie Hospital, a 36 bed rural facility in Wisconsin, had an urgent request for step-down nurses in their progressive care unit (PCU), they contacted Fastaff to fill the crucial need. Fastaff’s one-of-a-kind guaranteed delivery promises experienced nurses, ready to hit the ground running, regardless of hospital type or size. With a deep database of nurses licensed in all 50 states, including more than half of nurses in a hard-to-fill specialty, Fastaff’s in-house team of experts trained in urgent and crucial response successfully recruited the six PCU nurses needed to provide quality care in Prairie du Sac. The first qualified candidate was submitted for review within 24 hours of the initial request and started in the hospital in less than 10 days.

“I’m able to count on Fastaff to follow through on finding well-qualified candidates quickly and seamlessly. The candidates that Fastaff has to offer are selected to specifically meet my patient care needs; saving me time, energy and worry. Working and developing a relationship with Fastaff has made finding agency staff as easy as one phone call - no exaggeration,” says Jill Baxter, director of acute care/ICU. “I appreciate… the work that [our Account Manager] Jordan does to make certain all staff involved are okay and patient care is able to continue without interruption.”

Fastaff is not only committed to guaranteed delivery of experienced nurses, but also to unparalleled customer service delivered by the client services team, which includes account management, sales, clinical services and billing. The relationship established by Fastaff and Sauk Prairie administrators helped build a clear understanding of the unique needs of the hospital, which parlayed into efficiency of requesting additional nurses through Fastaff.

“We are a smaller facility but Fastaff treats us like we are their number one client. To be taken seriously [as a small facility] and treated well feels like we are exceptional,” stated Baxter. “The Fastaff RNs that we have worked with have been willing to share their expertise, experience and have [provided] staff a big picture view of healthcare beyond our hospital.” Fastaff’s guaranteed delivery promise ensures hospitals of any size can continue to provide world-class care without interruption, with experienced nurses ready to hit the ground running, often in 10 days or less.