Fastaff Answers Urgent Need in Less Than 10 Days

Rapid Response

Executive Summary

  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery of long-term acute-care
    nurses, with charge nurse experience, in 10 days or less
  • Successfully recruited qualified candidates and facility increased order by 60%
  • Nurses worked 48-hour workweeks to optimize utilization for no overtime charges to the hospital
  • Fastaff nurse assisted during COLA survey, which resulted in perfect score

Facility Summary

Post Acute Medical Specialty
Hospital of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

  • Long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital
  • 62 Beds
  • 401 Admissions
  • Average length of stay – 25 days
  • Pulmonary, wound care and rehabilitation

When staff turnover created a safety risk for patients of Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Milwaukee, Chief Executive Officer Carin Croker turned to Fastaff by submitting an urgent request form via the Fastaff client website ( Upon submission, a Fastaff sales director immediately contacted Croker to gather details of the crucial request.

As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing solutions, Fastaff has guaranteed delivery of experienced nurses, often in 10 days or less, for more than 25 years. Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital was in immediate need of nurses with acute care experience and a background in charge nursing for rotating day and night shifts. In less than 24 hours of the initial request, a full proposal for potential coverage was presented directly to the CEO and within a week, candidates were being screened for specific criteria.

In less than 10 days, Fastaff successfully recruited and obtained five qualified nurses, fulfilling the guaranteed delivery promise. Based on this initial success, enabled by Fastaff’s deep database of experienced and hard-to-fill nurses, the hospital had the confidence in Fastaff to increase the original order by 60%.

The LTAC hospital leveraged Fastaff’s 48-hour workweek model for optimal nurse utilization for no overtime costs to the facility. The nurses arrived ready to hit the ground running, immediately relieving the burden on the nurses who were working, along with increasing continuity of care for patients.

“I want to sincerely thank Fastaff for coming to our rescue. Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Milwaukee had a critical need for multiple nurses on both of our shifts. I could not believe you [not only] had nurses available, but [also] how quick they came to help us,” said Croker.

During the 13-week assignment, the facility’s laboratory experienced an unannounced COLA accreditation survey. The surveyors interviewed a Fastaff nurse regarding the blood administration process and hospital administrators praised the nurse for their answers.

“I want to acknowledge [Fastaff nurse] Shaun, who is currently functioning as a charge nurse. On June 9th, we had our COLA survey. The surveyor spoke with Shaun about the blood administration process. She responded perfectly and assisted us in a perfect laboratory survey. The laboratory manager would like to extend her thanks as well in helping during the survey,” states Croker.

The experienced nurses deployed to Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital answered the urgent call to provide quality care and increase safety, all in less than 10 days from the facility’s request. Fastaff’s Rapid Response® model provided the crucial solution needed to operate at full capacity, along with assisting in a successful accreditation visit.