Coronavirus Nurse Staffing Resources for Hospitals

Fastaff's Resources for the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic brought with it many unknowns, particularly in the healthcare industry. Facility leaders quickly learned that having an emergency nurse staffing strategy in place is vital. And often concurrently, strategies for the re-opening of operating rooms and surgery centers for elective procedures.

Having a steady partner during times of uncertainty is essential. As experts in crisis management, Fastaff is a pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response travel nursing.  Fastaff sends experienced, critical care RNs in ten days or less during emergencies. During the Coronavirus outbreak, the Ebola outbreak in 2014, numerous hurricanes and annual flu spikes, Fastaff has had nurses on the ground in 24-48 hours.


Fastaff Executive Interviews on COVID Response

Q and A with Fastaff CEO Bart Valdez

Fastaff applies 30 years of experience in Rapid Response travel nurse staffing to help battle the Coronavirus. 

Discover how even amongst many unknown factors during the COVID pandemic, the Fastaff team acted immediately to ensure reliable delivery to our clients while ensuring the safety of our nurses.

Read Q and A with CEO Bart Valdez

COVID Response: Q and A with Karen Fountain, Fastaff Director of Clinical Services

On the ground in New York City, Karen Fountain treated patients alongside our courageous travel nurses during the first wave of COVID. Read her firsthand experience, as healthcare providers came together like never before.

Read Q and A with Karen Fountain

Q and A with Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services

Fastaff SVP of Client Services Kathy Kohnke, describes Fastaff's initial response to the surge in demand for travel nurses in healthcare facilities across the country from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read Q and A with Kathy Kohnke  

Q and A with Christie Potter, U.S. Nursing Vice President

After an intense month of staffing two concurrent strikes in CA & IL, and as part of a team introducing the revolutionary process of 100% virtual induction, Christie Potter switched hats in July and headed down to Texas to help stand up a desperately needed alternative care site with 48 beds, a pharmacy and a lab. 

Read Q and A with Christie Potter


Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities 

Five Things Hospitals Can Do To Prepare For Flu Season During a Pandemic

As the winter months loom, anticipated overlap of COVID-19 and Influenza have hospital administrators and healthcare experts concerned. Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services, provides the five most important protocols hospitals should enlist to prepare for these possible new challenges. 

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COVID-19 Staffing Planning Webinar

Join Fastaff’s Chief Administration Officer, Kim Windsor, to learn effective tips on healthcare staffing during an emergency. 

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Emergency Preparedness Whitepaper

Preparing for the “what if” can be complicated, but one thing remains certain – nurses are an essential component of emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Read our detailed white paper, Emergency Preparedness – Is Nurse Staffing the Weakest Link, to discover the benefits of a staffing insurance policy in the wake of a public health event (PHE), including several example case studies.

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Emergency Staffing Plan Checklist

Begin your healthcare staffing plan with this downloadable document. 

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Fastaff CEO Perspective from Bart Valdez

Flexibility to Ensure Successful Escalation and Productivity for Operating Rooms and Surgery Centers from Bart Valdez, Fastaff CEO

As healthcare systems and facilities re-introducing this service back into their communities, there is no shortage of unknowns requiring new protocols and procedures compliant with federal and local regulations.  It is an uncertain time that requires flexibility in order to optimize productivity. 

Preparing for the unknown is the key to success.

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Fastaff CEO, Bart Valdez, Discusses Preparing for OR and Surgery Center Productivity

 Fastaff and U.S. Nursing CEO Bart Valdez explains how speed and flexibility of Rapid Response® travel nurses will help healthcare systems reach full capacity when reopening operating rooms and surgery centers.  

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A CEO's Blog in the Time of COVID-19

Bart Valdez, Fastaff President and CEO, provides information on how Fastaff rose to meet the needs of hospitals and nurses in the beginning weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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