Fastaff's One-of-a-Kind Project Management Capabilities Relieves Staffing Stress

Guaranteed Delivery and Project Management

Executive Summary

  • Facility needed nurses in multiple specialties for upcoming EMR project.
  • Fastaff delivered 115 nurses with a financial guarantee.
  • Fastaff managed the project entirely, avoiding the hospital communicating with multiple agencies  and vendors. 

Facility Summary

  • Award-winning Seattle area medical center
  • 100,000 employees
  • 1,512 beds
  • Cancer Institute, Heart  & Vascular Institute,  Organ Transplant, Orthopedic Institute  

When a major hospital in Washington state was in need of over 100 nurses in time for a quickly approaching EMR upgrade, a financial guarantee of delivery was all they needed to give the job to Fastaff.  

Unlike traditional travel agencies, Fastaff has a proven track record of deploying large grids of nurses in 10 days or less, and managing the project entirely in-house without depending on secondary agencies. With a deep database of experienced nurses in high-acuity specialties, Fastaff can engage nurses who have active licenses, bags packed, and a consistent ability to hit the ground running.

Fastaff’s comprehensive services includes recruitment, credentialing, onsite project management, coordination of nurses’ schedules and traveling details, and daily check-ins with hospital management. Utilizing one agency to manage multiple nurse specialties for a project of this magnitude, along with the financial guarantee, ensured ease of implementation for this facility.

Fastaff successfully secured 115 Medical-Surgical nurses fast, and covered the client’s needs.

In addition to the unique financial guarantee, Fastaff provides operational flexibility through short-term assignments, as short as two weeks. Since the EMR project was scheduled for two weeks, the facility was able to mitigate costs by only contracting for nurses during the duration of the upgrade, avoiding the unnecessary expense of traditional 13-week contract terms required by competing staffing agencies.

Removing the burden of managing multiple agencies and handling traveling details for incoming nurses relieved the Swedish management team so they could focus entirely on in-house operations for the EMR upgrade. Partnering with Fastaff proved to be financially viable for the guaranteed delivery promise, flexible-length assignments, and time investment for the intense project. Upon completion, the Fastaff nurses provided excellent patient care to allow the in-house staff adequate time for training and education.