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With more than 30 years of guaranteed delivery of experienced nurses to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities nationwide, we are proud to share stories of our clients’ success.

COVID Response - Executive Interviews

Q and A with Fastaff CEO Bart Valdez

Fastaff applies 30 years of experience in Rapid Response travel nurse staffing to help battle the Coronavirus. 

Discover how even amongst many unknown factors during the COVID pandemic, the Fastaff team acted immediately to ensure reliable delivery to our clients while ensuring the safety of our nurses.

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Q and A with Karen Fountain, Fastaff Director of Clinical Services

On the ground in New York City, Karen Fountain treated patients alongside our courageous travel nurses during the first wave of COVID. Read her firsthand experience, as healthcare providers came together like never before.

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Q and A with Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services

Fastaff SVP of Client Services Kathy Kohnke, describes Fastaff's initial response to the surge in demand for travel nurses in healthcare facilities across the country from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Q and A with Christie Potter, U.S. Nursing Vice President

After an intense month of staffing two concurrent strikes in CA & IL, and as part of a team introducing the revolutionary process of 100% virtual induction, Christie Potter switched hats in July and headed down to Texas to help stand up a desperately needed alternative care site with 48 beds, a pharmacy and a lab. 

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Five Things Hospitals Can Do To Prepare For Flu Season During a Pandemic - Interview with Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff SVP of Client Services

As the winter months loom, anticipated overlap of COVID-19 and Influenza have hospital administrators and healthcare experts concerned. Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services, provides the five most important protocols hospitals should enlist to prepare for these possible new challenges. 

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Cyber Security Series

White Papers

Emergency Preparedness
Is Nurse Staffing the Weakest Link?

Does your hospital have a detailed staffing plan in the event of an emergency?

Preparing for the “what if” can be complicated, but one thing remains certain – nurses are an essential component of emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Read our detailed white paper, Emergency Preparedness – Is Nurse Staffing the Weakest Link, to discover the benefits of a staffing insurance policy in the wake of a public health event (PHE), including several example case studies.

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The Art of Financial Optimization
How the Strategic Use of Rapid Response Travel Nurses Helps You Win

How the strategic use of Rapid Response® travel nurses help you win the balance of cutting costs while providing quality care.

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Era of Shortages
Nurse Staffing Strategies for an Era of Shortages

With nursing as the largest cohort in a hospital, human resources professionals face both short and long-term challenges in workforce management.

In our latest white paper, Era of Shortages – Nurse Staffing Strategies, we address several key issues impacting staffing levels:

  • Retirement
  • Attrition and turnover
  • Succession planning
  • Talent acquisition

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From Cost Center to Value Center
A New View of Nurse Staffing

Nursing shortages aren’t new to seasoned clinical executives.

However, with the evolution from volume to value, executives now have to manage the shortage that doesn’t just reflect the number of nurses available, but also their experience.

Download our new white paper, From Cost Center to Value Center, by Dr. Kim Windsor, a healthcare and staffing executive with more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Windsor delivers a powerful strategy for managing nurse staffing during reimbursement changes, including:

  • How the nursing shortage is different in the current value-based model.
  • Alignment of frontline nursing care to the financial performance of the facility.
  • Impact of patient consumerism in nurse staffing.
  • Supporting both clinical outcomes and the hospital’s bottom line through strategic staffing.

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Population Health
Nurse Staffing is Key to Launching Population Health Initiatives

Implementing a population health strategy may seem impossible in the era of labor shortages and tight operational budgets.

In our latest white paper, we provide solutions to four major population health barriers facing hospitals:

  1. Workforce planning
  2. Attrition
  3. Community initiatives
  4. Data upgrades

Discover how your facility can partner with Fastaff to launch a successful population health strategy.

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Case Studies

Below are just a few of the many positive results our clients have experienced from our staffing solutions:

Guaranteed Delivery

Fastaff's One-of-a-Kind Project Management Capabilities Relieves Staffing Stress

  • Facility needed nurses in multiple specialties for upcoming EMR project.
  • Fastaff delivered 115 nurses with a financial guarantee.
  • Fastaff managed the project entirely, avoiding the hospital communicating with multiple agencies  and vendors. 

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Fastaff Delivers 150 Nurses to 10 Facilities in Two Days During EMR Disruption

  • Hospital planned an EMR conversion from McKesson to Epic with a quick turnaround
  • Needed 32 contingent nurses to start in one week
  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery with a financial commitment per order, almost $10,000
  • Fastaff exceeded the timeline set and delivered all 32 nurses in less than 10 days

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Fastaff’s Bold Financial Promise Provides Guaranteed Delivery

  • Hospital planned an EMR conversion from McKesson to Epic with a quick turnaround
  • Needed 32 contingent nurses to start in one week
  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery with a financial commitment per order, almost $10,000
  • Fastaff exceeded the timeline set and delivered all 32 nurses in less than 10 days

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Experienced Nurses Delivered Seamlessly to Small Rural Hospital

  • Rural hospital had urgent need for experienced PCU nurses
  • Fastaff delivered experienced nurses, with the first arriving in less than 10 days
  • Established “one-call” relationship with hospital for fulfillment of additional nurse orders

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Critical Access Hospital Benefits Financially from Experienced Fastaff Nurses

  • 100 percent fill rate for urgent RN openings in 10 days
  • Fastaff RNs kept ED open for facility volume
  • By mainitaining ratios, hospital stayed operational and avoided lost revenue
  • Fastaff nurses recived excellent reviews and almost all were extended

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Hard-to-Fill Specialties

Hospital’s Littlest Patients are in Excellent Hands with Fastaff Nurses

  • Fastaff delivered 150 nurses who worked extended shifts to eliminate core staff overtime charges
  • Fastaff managed the interviewing and selection process, saving hospital administration time and paperwork
  • Fastaff nurses were praised for world-class care and service by facility

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Rapid Response®

One Staffing Shortage, Two Hurricanes, Three Busy Weeks and 100% Success

  • Within three weeks, two natural disasters and an urgent staffing shortage for highly-specialized pediatric nurses occurred
  • Fastaff met the critical needs for all three situations, delivering nurses in less than 48 hours
  • Fastaff expedited recruitment, hiring and credentialing for nurses, including most in a hard-to-fill specialty
  • In order to deliver nurses for hurricane relief, Fastaff nurses were transported by the National Guard to the facility.

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Face the Flu Head-On with Fastaff

  • Fastaff fills 100% of 2+ week orders at eight facilities in days.
  • 100% of nurses matched in less than 48 hours.
  • 100% of nurses arrive on next available start date – most in less than a week.
  • In some facilities, 100% of nurses were offered extensions at the end of the assignment.

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Experienced ICU Nurses Delivered to Hawaii on Two Days’ Notice

  • Hospital had urgent need for ICU nurses
  • Fastaff presented first candidate same day and second within 24 hours
  • Both ICU nurses arrived within 48 hours of initial request
  • Fastaff’s dedicated account management team guaranteed delivery of nurses and exceeded facility’s expectation

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Fastaff Answers Urgent Need in Less Than 10 Days

  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery of long-term acute-care nurses, with charge nurse experience, in 10 days or less
  • Successfully recruited qualified candidates and facility increased order by 60%
  • Nurses worked 48-hour workweeks to optimize utilization for no overtime charges to the hospital
  • Fastaff nurse assisted during COLA survey, which resulted in perfect score

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Operational Flexibility

Successful EMR Conversion of ‘Epic’ Proportions

  • University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) needed one dedicated partner to provide multi-specialty nursing coverage during Epic training and implementation
  • UCSF trusted Fastaff to deliver 350 highly specialized nurses
  • Fastaff managed all logistical aspects, including interviewing, hiring, credentialing, travel and housing
  • Fastaff provided on-site management for guaranteed success

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Guaranteed Delivery for EMR Conversion

  • Scheduled five month EMR software upgrade created severe staffing dilemmas
  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery of 90 nurses to provide continuous care during the holiday season and the busy Pro Bowl weekend
  • Fastaff managed client’s budget by strategically scheduling travel to avoid additional costs
  • Applying 48-hour workweeks provided optimal nurse utilization to control overtime costs

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Flexible-length Assignments Can Lower Total Cost

Unlike the fixed 13-week assignments common to traditional travel agencies, Fastaff’s flexible-length assignments allow hospitals to utilize quality nurses just for the time needed, lowering total cost.

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Fastaff's Workforce Solutions

 When hospitals face critical shortages and need immediate relief, Fastaff delivers faster than any travel agency in the industry, and handles all aspects of project management from start to finish. 

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The Fastaff Nurse Difference

Discover how Fastaff nurses are widely recognized as the first to serve in urgent and crucial situations. Our one-of-a-kind guaranteed delivery is possible with the experienced nurses on our team, most in a hard-to-fill specialty.

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10 Attributes of Guaranteed Delivery, Often in 10 Days or Less

As the only travel nurse agency promising guaranteed delivery, Fastaff has successfully delivered nurses for more than 25 years, often in 10 days or less. Explore 10 attributes that contribute to ensuring the right nurse at the right time.

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