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  • I am often asked - "Joe, what is so different and unique about Fastaff's Rapid Response® model from what the industry has traditionally offered hospitals?" 

  • Avoid a staffing shortage as the flu hits your critical units this winter; Fastaff guarantees delivery of experienced nurses for flexible-length assignments, as short as two weeks. Whether your flu season census spike lasts two weeks or two months, Fastaff offers flexible-length assignments, so you only use our nurses when you need them.

  • Hospital leaders have managed nursing shortages for decades, deploying strategies such as float pools, flexible staffing and using travelers to help manage patient census. The more troubling shortage facing hospital administrators is for highly specialized nurses for critical care areas.

  • When hospitals need nurses fast, they trust Fastaff to deliver experienced nurses, often in 10 days or less. More than half of our nurses in our deep database are in a hard-to-fill specialty, including ICU, NICU, PICU, CVICU, CVOR, Cath Lab, ED, OR, PSYC, IR, LDRP, PER, PED, and more.