Nurse Staffing Solutions

Guaranteed Delivery of Experienced Nurses

Hard-to-Fill Specialties in 10 Days or Less

As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing, Fastaff has been delivering experienced nurses to hospitals nationwide for more than 30 years. Fastaff is the only travel nurse agency to guarantee delivery of nurses, often in 10 days or less.

With most nurses in a hard-to-fill specialty, Fastaff offers operational flexibility to ensure quality coverage in your most critical units. Utilize nurses when you need them with flexible-length assignments, as short as two weeks. You can cancel an assignment with a four-shift notice for no penalties, and Fastaff offers 48-hour work weeks for no overtime charges to the hospital.

Trust Fastaff as your partner in providing continuous quality patient care when it matters most.

Improve Financial Performance

  • Flexible staffing options to lower total cost
  • Financially guarantees delivery


  • Flexible-assignment lengths, as short as two weeks
  • Cancel with a four-shift notice for no fees

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Hard-to-fill specialties to avoid bed closure in critical units
  • 9 out of 10 nurses would be asked to return to their facility.*
  • 48-hour work weeks create consistent nurse and patient relationship

Nurse & Physician Satisfaction

  • Rapid Response® provides immediate coverage with nurses arriving often in 10 days or less
  • Experienced nurses who are adaptable and arrive ready to hit the ground running

*Based on 2022 Exit Interviews

Additional Services

Fastaff also provides operational flexibility during EMR conversion staffing and through Fastaff Approval, our expedited interviewing and hiring process.